Monday, October 19, 2009

Bloggers Payback-The 3 Key Ingredients of a Successful Money Making Blog

Suppose you want your blog to rake in cash, you'll have to go about it the right way. Sure, maybe you can manage to make some money here and there simply through advertising revenue by promoting and providing certain - but probably will not bring in kinds of wealth that you dream.

The truth is, if you are installing on how much cash as you can from your blog, you will need to ensure that you include all the facilities and has been refined to all aspects of course your money is performing in tip top condition.

How do you do that? Well, the best place to start is to look at each component of a successful money making personal blog:

1. Traffic

More traffic usually means more sales. At least, it certainly means that many potential customers which in turn means that you should be making sales than before. Of course, traffic is a very broad subject and there are numerous ways you can make it - so you need to do is to pursue as many of these as possible.

While you're there you should also know that you are looking for traffic as highly targeted as you can. Using keywords, you'll find that you can achieve this good.

2. Conversion price

How many potential customers have access to your blog really will buy anything from it? In short, it is your conversion rate (although it is often measured in percentage, ie XX% sales mean more than 100 potential customers). Make sure that your conversion rate as high as possible is a very good idea because it means that you will take advantage of many of your traffic.

By capitalizing on the more traffic the better of you, you will get the most from your efforts, and not 'waste' any of the traffic you worked so hard to obtain.

3. Repeat Customers

Have made the effort to clinch a sale with a customer, it would be a crying shame if you just leave them and never heard from again. Seeing as we have bought something from you means that they are interested in the relevance that you are, and more importantly - they are willing to buy products at the appropriate!

So if you can only go down to the details of them, you will be able to turn them into repeat customers (or at least stand a good chance to do so).

Yes, we're talking about building a list, although currently using things like Twitter can just as well. End of the day, the choice is yours so long as you can set up a system whereby you can continue to market to prove your purchase.

If you can take care of each and every one of the key components, you'll find quickly that you can turn your own blog into a successful money making blog too! None of this is really all that difficult, and now you know what you should be, why not head on your own blog and see what you can improve!

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