Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bloggers Payback-Using Leverage in a Blog to Pull in Profits

How you are using your blog to pull profits now? Probably what you're doing 90% of marketers out there do and just have a blog where you post great content and then periodically advertise products link or CPA offers. After all, it is often 'prescribed' method of making money by blogging.

While not working, to some degree, there are more advanced methods that can be more efficiently. One of them is leverage.

Even if you do not have anything to make the referral, you will find that you can use your blog as part of a plan to use it to improve. In fact, the only thing you need (besides your blog, of course!) Is a product of your own eBook. Without your own product, you will find that you can make this plan different ways - but it will not be effective.

So suppose you have an eBook. Was simply going about marketing in the normal way 'is' through your blog, you might want to spend a post or two to it, and can even set up a sale. However, you will not do that. Instead, you will lose that and extract a eBook that you feel particularly interesting, and make it into a report on page 10 or more.

Now you have two products: An eBook and a report. Since that report, then you can create blog posts that talk about different themes are included in the report itself. Try to aim for about 5 or more. Each blog should aim eventually led people to read the report itself, you will be given away for free when your readers subscribe to your list.

Basically, this means that when people read your blog, they will have the option to get more by subscribing to the list and download your free report. In the report, which must also be an option to find out more by buying the eBook for you!

See how now you are using a linear plan to market?

The truth is announced, you can branch things out further, and created many other blog posts from your eBook to promote itself both Reports and eBook. By not promoting the eBook directly though, you are simply 'providing value' to your readers, and it is far less likely to go off as simply trying to produce discounts on their products.

Also, you will build your list and begin able to market products more and more as you go up to them.

Using this strategy, you can drag a lot more profit from your blog simply by maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing. That in itself will help you out the minnows of the world market, and let you swim with big fish!

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